You’re Allowed To Move On

Move on from a life that has bruised your ego. From a life that has done nothing but pour tragedy and disaster into your heart. Move on from the past that has you reeling every time you look back on it. Move on from the ugly ghosts that haunt you to this day.


I’m Slowly Learning To Just Let Things Be

I’m learning to let love find me. I’m learning to stop decoding messages and mixed signals and signs and wait for the clear message, the message that is so obvious and easy to understand, the message that doesn’t make you question or second guess anything and the message that you’re truly waiting for.


Expert words: what does a growth hacker do?

Every month, Disrupts will leave an expert talks about his job, whatever he does. So, what do you do?

Role in life
Growth hacker / Community management advisor.

What you’re supposed to do
Grow companies. Create a profile for myself so companies know what I do and how I can help them. Growth hackers are like bank robbers- you never catch a good one.

What you actually do
Spend hours at my laptop finding secret techniques, tactics, and pieces of software which can get ideas in front of thousands of people virtually overnight. My motto is “everything runs to a system, and every system can be beaten.” I distill this knowledge and either work with my agency to do the work for them (growing their user base, increasing their traffic, growing their social communities etc), or tell people how to do it themselves (consultancy over Skype, giving talks, writing books, creating video courses).

Being responsible for getting companies in front of their target audience. Teaching people who have great products how to get them to their target audience using any means necessary.

Many hacks are “zero day.” I.e. they exist until the owners of the platforms the hacks are on find out about them and squash them/change their algorithms/terms and conditions. For instance, you used to be able to post way more frequently to Craigslist, or automate tasks on the Twitter API. Also, sometimes hacks get played out through being too popular, such as those exit popups which are now on basically every website. People get sick of them and they have diminishing returns.

Why it’s an amazing job
I get to travel around the world working from my laptop helping people change their lives through their businesses. I have literally thousands of emails and tweets from people thanking me for giving talks/working with them to improve what they’re working on. IT’s awesome.

Vincent Dignan,

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