Here’s how to get your Spotify 2017 listening history (and yeah, it’s going to get a little embarrassing)


Spotify collects data on everything you do on its platform, from which songs you stream the most to how your listening habits compare to other people your age.

Now, with it’s latest end-of-year feature, you can find out just what Spotify learned about you in 2017.

Spotify on Tuesday released Wrapped, its breakdown of your music consumption in the past yearClick here to check it out

Once connected, the website takes you on a trip through your year, including just how many minutes of music you’ve listened to as well has how many songs, artists, and genres.  Read more…

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The Stages of Fangirling Over K-Pop According to Kris Aquino

Adding to the list of celebrities who love K-pop is no other than Kris Aquino. The queen of all media has been sharing her own musings about the boy group BTS and how she’s come to love them. She also noted that she feels like the “oldest fan” out of everyone. But you know what? […]

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‘Game of Thrones’ murderous Red Wedding banger gets a beautiful dance treatment


Game of Thrones and its music have gotten plenty of covers, from violins and vocals to instrumentals from around the world, and at least one kooky Kanye mashup… but we haven’t seen as much dancing – until now. Dancers Geatali Tampy and Priya Lupita Shah teamed up to perform a haunting duet to “The Rains of Castamere” – you know, that murderous Lannister banger from the Red Wedding.

The video, filmed by Alvin Alex, opens on Shah and Tampy as sisters in the North (we’d recognize those cloaks anywhere), inseparable until Shah receives a mysterious scroll. Tampy goes snooping (classic Arya) and finds out that the Lannisters want one sister to betray the other. Read more…

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Madonna brings back Photo Booth, covers ‘Toxic’ for Britney Spears’s birthday


Saturday was singer and internationally renowned artist Britney Spears’s 36th birthday, and to celebrate, Madonna booted up her Photo Booth app (#tbt) and covered “Toxic.”

In an Instagram post, the icon explained that the cover was also her song for World AIDS Day, which was Friday. (She certainly did a better job raising awareness than the president.)

Watch the wonderful, thermal-y cover below.

A post shared by Madonna (@madonna) on Dec 1, 2017 at 1:45pm PST

And yes, Britney liked the post.

WATCH: Daisy Ridley’s workout is one of Jedi caliber 5c8b 8fd6%2fthumb%2f00001 Read more…

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So, maybe don’t get your penis out in public


Look, it’s never been okay to expose yourself to an unwilling audience.

But amid revelations of sexual harassment by likes of Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K., it’s a worse time than ever for would-be exposers or harassers.

Not that it fazed Australian musician Kirin J. Callinan, who has been criticised for his brand of “ironic” toxic masculinity. At the ARIA Awards (Australia’s answer to the Grammys) on Tuesday, Callinan lifted up his kilt and exposed his penis on the red carpet. 

According to News Corp, Callinan “stood proudly for a solid moment to make sure it was seen and captured.”  Read more…

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This teen made a music video for her single ‘Beautiful Scar’, and you gotta see it

Unlike most of her peers, 15-year-old Autumn Allen isn’t just busy with schoolwork. She’s also busy establishing a successful singing career. Allen started her music career while she was living … Read more

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