Samsung reveals when it’ll show everybody non-exploding Galaxy Note 8


Mark your calendars! Samsung’s just sent out invitations for when it will likely announce its next flagship Android phone, the Galaxy Note 8.

As previously reported, the Note 8 will likely be announced next month on August 23 at Samsung’s usual “Unpacked” event. The invitation says the event will start at 11:00 AM EDT. The event will also be livestreamed on the company’s homepage.

The invitation sent to members of the media doesn’t reveal anything we aren’t already expecting. There’s an outline of what is most likely the Note 8 in landscape position with its top and bottom bezels exposed, and edge-to-edge display.  Read more…

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These cool Lenovo AI concept products make us excited about the future


Google Home. Amazon Echo. Apple HomePod. Lenovo SmartCast+?

The company that brought you the Yoga Book has big plans for an artificially intelligent smart-device future — plans that it will reveal at the June 20 third annual Lenovo Tech World conference in Shanghai. 

The Chinese company has created a host of concept products that it says demonstrate its “vision for the future of AI.”

“We believe an intelligent future makes people’s lives better, and that starts with smart devices,” a spokesperson wrote in a press release. “Cloud enabled devices – such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart speakers, smart TV and AR/VR – bring you content, services and experiences in a new way.” Read more…

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A security researcher just revealed a huge Myspace security flaw. (And yes you should care.)


Tom, u up? MySpace — you know that game-changing social media platform that you created and sold — appears to have some serious security issues, dude. 

Security researcher Leigh-Anne Galloway shared a blog post on Monday detailing a huge security flaw she spotted on Myspace’s account recovery page back in April. 

“In April this year whilst roaming the plains of the wild world web, I stumbled across an old Myspace account of mine,” Galloway explains in the post. “Attempting to gain access and delete the account I discovered a business process so flawed it deserves its own place in history.” Read more…

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We all have the potential to be newsmakers, so tweet accordingly


This past weekend on a beautiful Saturday morning, I sat on my couch for the better part of an hour I had planned to spend outside enjoying the sunshine glued to my phone, sniggering by myself.   

I had fallen into a particularly entertaining Twitter thread, and I had no intentions of crawling out. I was enjoying myself too damn much — and from the seemingly endless number of replies that were piling up, I wasn’t the only one.     

It all started with a simple request from political and comedy writer Maura Quint: Tell me about the worst date you’ve ever had in 140 characters or less.

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Elon Musk is so worried about the threat of AI, he wants government to regulate it


For years, Elon Musk has warned us about the dangers of artificial intelligence — even igniting a global discussion on the danger, calling it our greatest existential threat next to nukes.

Worth reading Superintelligence by Bostrom. We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 3, 2014

In a speech at the National Governor’s Association on Saturday, the Tesla CEO reiterated his long-standing sentiments on AI technology.

“I have access to the very most cutting edge AI, and I think people should be really concerned about it.” He also flatly stated that AI is “the greatest risk we face as a civilization,” suggesting that the government intervene and regulate the technology before it’s too late. Read more…

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Marvel VR game for Oculus Rift lets you become Hulk, Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon


The day virtual reality gamers have been hoping for has arrived: Marvel is launching a VR game that will let you take on the role of some of the best-known heroes in Marvel universe. 

Announced at the D23 Expo on Saturday, Marvel Powers United VR will bring a wide range characters (over a dozen, according to Oculus) to VR, letting you slip on the Oculus Rift and Touch and wield the powers comic book fans have always dreamed of. 

The title is a collaborative effort between Marvel, Sanzaru Games, and Oculus Studios. The full list of playable character hasn’t been released, but the launch trailer reveals that we’ll get to play the game as the Hulk, Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy), and Captain Marvel.  Read more…

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How to hide who you’re stalking on Instagram


There’s no shame in admitting that you stalk people on Instagram — we all do. But you don’t always want anyone who grabs your phone to see who you’ve been stalking. So, here’s the complete guide to hiding who you stalk on Instagram. 

Clear search history 

The “clear search history” button clears the dropdown of previous searches in your search bar. Note: this doesn’t affect your search recommendations. 

Image: instagram

To clear your search history, 

  1. Go to your profile on Instagram 

  2. Tap the gear on iPhone or three dotted lines on Android

  3. Scroll to the bottom, tap the “Clear Search History” button. Read more…

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Roborace showed off its electric, self-driving race car in the middle of Times Square


The robotic racing series Roborace is still somewhat of a pipe dream that aims to become the “world’s first self-driving racing series.” On Friday, we got our first in-person look at the 200-mph vehicle that will eventually race itself around the track: the Robocar.

The sleek, brightly colored racer was plopped down in New York City’s Times Square, attracting the attention of NYC locals and tourists who just didn’t know what to make of the thing. Its creators believe those questions will soon be answered, adding to the larger conversation about autonomous driving development.

The race car, which doesn’t need a human driver, will continue its U.S. debut at Formula E’s New York City ePrix event this weekend. When the concept was first introduced back in 2015, the plan was to hold self-driving races before each Formula E event. While the Roborace cars aren’t ready for that just yet, the company will be showing off its autonomous systems in two on track demos this weekend using the company’s prototype DevBot cars. The Robocar, for now, is just for show.  Read more…

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After 10 years, I’m breaking up with Android


The iPhone turned 10 years old this year, which makes it a full 10 years that I’ve never owned one — but I’m finally ready to take the leap. 

As a millennial and internet addict, I’ve been asked so many times why I don’t use an iPhone. I’d usually say it was the price or that I preferred Android — and both are true — but there’s more to it.

I grew up in India, so something about buying an iPhone always felt indulgent to me. Contract phone plans aren’t quite as popular there as they are in the U.S., and so I’m used to buying phones at full price. Read more…

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We’re frankly baffled that luxury smartphone maker Vertu is done for


Incredibly rich people lacking any sense of style let out a collective gasp today, as news broke that luxury smartphone maker Vertu will be liquidated. 

Despite having a target market of moneyed assholes, of which the world is in no short supply, the UK-based company apparently struggled to find a customer base for its $46,600 polished 18-carat red gold phones.

We’re just as shocked as you are. 

And what brought this visionary company down? According to the BBC, that would be an accounting deficit of £128 million (aka the cost of roughly 3,555 Clous de Paris Red Gold Vertu smartphones).  Read more…

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The future of self-driving cars could be an extra hour of work


Cars are going to drive themselves sooner or later — so what will we do with all that extra commuting time so we’re not stuck twiddling our thumbs? 

That’s what Audi is looking to find out with a new study, conducted as part of a collaboration with the human-machine interaction experts of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering. It put test subjects in a super futuristic autonomous car simulation, then assigned them a series of attention-demanding tasks while monitoring brain activity with EEG sensors. 

It’s called The 25th Hour project—an allusion to the 50 minutes or so the average driver spends behind the wheel, and the “extra” hour they could gain without having to drive.   Read more…

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Apple is adding 3D lasers to the iPhone so we can all be AR zombies


Apple announced its augmented reality development kit (ARKit) at WWDC back in June. Now, the company appears to be adding a bunch of brand-new components to the next iPhone in order to beef up the new AR platform’s capabilities.

According to a Fast Company report, Apple is trying to add a rear-facing 3D laser system to the back of the next iPhone, set to debut this fall. The sensor system would give the iPhone better depth-sensing abilities for augmented reality apps and better auto-focus for standard photography. Read more…

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Microsoft’s ‘talking camera’ app for the blind isn’t as magical as it sounds


Microsoft is trying to prove its artificial intelligence can do more than guess your age or win at Pac-Man.  

On Wednesday, the company released Seeing AI, a “talking camera” app for iOS meant to help the visually impaired navigate their surroundings.

Its list of features sounds almost too good to be true: it will scan documents and read you their contents, tell you which denomination of bills you have in your hands, scan barcodes to let you know exactly what you’re holding, learn the faces of people you know, read their expressions, and even attempt to describe whatever’s in front of you at any given moment. Read more…

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AMC’s ‘Loaded’ shows the delightfully British side of tech start-up success

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What mysterious plan does Elon Musk have for


With all the weird ideas and concepts Elon Musk seeds on Twitter, keeping track of his next seemingly eccentric idea that may turn into a real business is essential. That’s why Musk’s latest acquisition is so very intriguing: 

Musk didn’t tout the domain buy publicly, but thanks to the ever watchful domain prospector site DomainInvesting we know that he bought the site from PayPal earlier this month for an undisclosed sum. 

Old school internet heads will remember that Musk was the original owner of the domain back in 1999 when it was an online financial services company. later merged with Confinity, which later rebranded itself as PayPal. A quick search of on shows that was already redirecting to PayPal back in 2001.  Read more…

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Umbrella-sharing startup fails to predict people would steal all their umbrellas


Yes, even the most honest person on the planet will jack your umbrella, and now we have proof. Sort of. 

It was a noble idea: Bring the same innovation that has made bike-sharing an international success story to all the businesspeople and commuters who need an umbrella when unexpectedly caught in the rain. 

But what China-based startup E-Umbrella didn’t count on is the fact that, unlike shared bikes, when someone gets a hold of a good umbrella, they don’t really want to let go. According to a report from Caixin Global, the company lost a whopping 30,000 umbrellas after just a few days. Read more…

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You know that Jayden K. Smith Facebook hack? It’s actually a hoax that doesn’t make any damn sense


Here’s a story you’ve probably heard before: A viral hoax is spreading on Facebook, that, when you stop and think about it, really doesn’t make any damn sense

Monday’s hoax involves a supposed hacker named Jayden K. Smith. 

As far as the hoax goes, users are warned about an incoming friend request from a user named “Jayden K. Smith,” who is reportedly a hacker. Then the user is encouraged to share the warning with all of their friends to protect one’s Facebook network from Jayden.

The warning looks a little something like this: Read more…

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