Characters like this are why ‘SNL’ star Kate McKinnon has won 2 Emmys in a row


The three alien abductees with wildly different experiences have returned to Earth — and Saturday Night Live, reprising their first appearance from 2015. This time, at least poor Kate McKinnon gets a Ryan Gosling gropefest out of the deal.

Gosling and Cecily Strong returned to form as unassuming rednecks recounting blissful experiences of meeting beings from beyond the stars.

“One minute we’re drinking beer in a Kohl’s parking lot and it’s like, now we’re cosmic curiosities,” Strong said.

“Cookie crumbled a little different for me here,” McKinnon started. Read more…

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Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’ celebrates puberty with a uterus crop circle you can see from space


Netflix’s Big Mouth is about all the horrors of puberty, and what more wonderfully weird way could there be to celebrate that than a “space uterus?” In a new Netflix video, show creators Nick Kroll and Jessi Klein literally walk us through a crop circle in the shape of the female reproductive system.

Ah, anatomy.

The crop circle is located outside of Los Angeles, in Ventura County. It takes up two acres and is extremely detailed; Klein and Kroll enter through the vagina and walk up a fallopian tube to an ovary. The characters in Big Mouth are focused on their own bodily changes, but it’s important to understand biology, at any point in life! Read more…

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Comcast is launching a live TV streaming service for cord-cutters


Comcast is launching yet another video streaming service for you to consider purchasing.

The cable giant announced today it’s launching Xfinity Instant TV, what is essentially a bundle of local broadcast networks, for $18 per month. The service will only be available to Comcast broadband subscribers.

The company said the new service is currently available in select areas and will be rolled out nationally in markets where Comcast is offered over the next two weeks.

This type of “over-the-top” offering is far from new. Comcast will be pitting itself against other services such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu Live TV that also offer live television over the internet rather than a traditional cable subscription. Read more…

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Jimmy Kimmel isn’t done being Senator Bill Cassidy’s biggest pest


When you’re only trying to save health care for 30 million people, you’ve got to be a little persistent.

The man you’d least expect to be on the front foot for saving health care in America, Jimmy Kimmel, is far from resting in his battle to ensure the Graham-Cassidy bill doesn’t cut funding to the most vulnerable. 

Entering into round three of the debate on Thursday night, Kimmel took aim at President Donald Trump, who recently got involved in the debate on Twitter (where else). 

For Kimmel, Trump’s support for the bill is more about politics than it is about a bill that’s, you know, actually good. Read more…

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Nicole Kidman’s powerful Emmy speech sheds light on domestic violence


It’s a long time coming, but Nicole Kidman took home her first ever Emmy on Sunday night.

The actress won the Emmy for outstanding actress in a limited series or movie for her role as Celeste Wright in Big Little Lies, and Kidman made sure to use the spotlight for an important issue.

In Big Little Lies, Kidman’s character is involved in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. It’s a role the actress acknowledged how difficult it was to play

During her acceptance speech, Kidman thanked her family for their sacrifices in letting her work on the show, but also how it brought to light the issue of domestic violence. Read more…

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A cord cutter’s guide to watching tonight’s Emmy Awards

 This year, it’s finally easy to live stream tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards if you’re a cord cutter. While you could always invest in a digital antenna to watch broadcast stations, the live streaming options for this year’s Emmys are numerous, compared with the 2016 event. When the Emmys aired on ABC last year, streamers had to authenticate using their cable or satellite… Read More


No ‘Game of Thrones’ pay gap: Kit Harington, Lena Headey make the same


The Iron Bank is equally generous to kings and queens.

Game of Thrones principal cast members Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) are making exactly the same per-episode salaries and bonuses, and have been since at least the beginning of this season, according to leaked documents sent to Mashable that purport to be the actors’ contracts covering Seasons 7 and 8.

Harington and Headey are the only principal actors whose contracts appear to be in the document dump from Friday, the sixth wave of files the HBO hackers have released since late July. Their contracts contain practically identical language — including a clause stating that no cast member can be paid more. Read more…

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