Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell trucks put to work in Port of LA pilot

 Toyota has hydrogen fuel cell transport trucks that generate no local emissions, and that have 670 horsepower and an 80,000 lb total weight capacity. The powertrain includes two of Toyota’s Mirai fuel cells, and a 12kWh battery charged by the cells. Toyota is now running a concept version of the truck along pilot routes that run around 200 miles per day, moving good between depots in… Read More


Nissan drove a GT-R around a racetrack using a PS4 controller


Mightier with the controller than you are with the steering wheel?

Well, you might fancy Nissan’s modified GT-R/C, which can be driven with a PlayStation 4 controller, and was created for the release of Gran Turismo Sport.

The car was given a spin around Silverstone’s National Circuit, with driver Jann Mardenborough steering the GT-R from a helicopter above the circuit. 

It’s understandably a complex beast: The car has four robots which operate the steering, transmission, brakes and throttle; while six computers at the back of the car look after the controls. Read more…

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Boeing to acquire Aurora Flight Sciences in bet on autonomous flight

 Boeing is acquiring Aurora Flight Sciences, a company that focuses on autonomous flight systems designed to make robot aircraft and vehicles a reality. Boeing says that its acquisition of Aurora will help it push forward its efforts around self-flying vehicle development, for both military and commercial use. Aurora Flight Sciences has been developing its LightningStrike XV-24A vertical… Read More


Freight train with no driver is one step closer to a fully-autonomous rail system


Look, it’s just a hunch, but careering down long stretches of Australia’s desert would be quite fatiguing. On the flipside, it’d make an ideal location to operate a driverless train system. 

It’s something mining company Rio Tinto are betting on in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, with its AutoHaul system — which the company claims to be world’s first fully-autonomous heavy haul, long distance rail network.

One of Rio Tinto’s trains has completed a near 100 kilometre pilot run without a driver on board, making it the first ever fully autonomous heavy haul train journey ever in Australia, according to a company statement. Read more…

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American Airlines ups its pillow game by tossing in a mattress pad, duvet — but only for first class


American Airlines is making in-flight sleep better for the folks who already have the best chance at a comfortable nap. 

As if the rest of us flying back in coach didn’t have it bad enough walking by all that leg room toward seat purgatory, now we’ll have to uncomfortably squirm as we try to get some shut-eye knowing first and business class customers get a mattress pad, duvet, pillow, blanket, lumbar pillow, pajamas, and slippers.

The airline is partnering with mattress company Casper to offer the exhaustively engineered sleep accessories starting in December. Way to taunt the rest of us flying back in coach!   Read more…

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World View successfully launches its first stratollite from its Tucson HQ

 Stratospheric balloon launch startup World View has completed its inaugural launch from its new Tucson, Arizona-based headquarters, the company announced today. The new HQ was officially opened back in February, but since then it’s been preparing the facility for regular launch operations, culminating in today’s debut take-off. World View is trying to carve out novel territory… Read More


Airbus and HAX create an accelerator program for flying taxi tech

 Aeronautics industry giant Airbus is teaming up with hardware early-stage investment firm HAX to create a four-month accelerator program based in Shenzhen focused on a high-flying goal – “urban air mobility.” The program will seek to guide startups working on various aspects of flying cars and aerial city transportation, including air traffic management, perception systems… Read More


The City of Tomorrow: The future of urban transportation is being built today


Innovation happens when people come together. Nowhere is that more obvious than in our bustling cities around the world. And as resident numbers continue to climb, some of the most populated locations across the globe are faced with the opportunity to not only shape the future — but to design it.

According to a 2014 United Nations report, 54 percent of the world’s population resides in urban areas; by 2050 that number is expected to rise to 66 percent. That’s a lot of people.

An increase in population can lead to a whole slew of transportation issues — many of which you probably experience regularly. From congestion on the roads and inefficient traffic patterns to unreliable public transportation and rising commute times, city dwellers know how painful it can be when systems start to fail.
Read more…

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A closer look at the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf

 Nissan’s new Leaf is the updated version of one of the pioneers of the modern all-electric consumer car, and the change is a promising one. The new vehicle offers 150 miles of range based on EPA estimates, which is a lot more than its predecessor at 107 miles (if off a bit when compared to other modern EVs like the Chevrolet Bolt). For Nissan, it’s being positioned as the first EV… Read More


Watch finalists strive for speed in SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod competition

 SpaceX this past weekend held its second Hyperloop Pod design competition for student teams at the 0.77 mile-long test track it built near its Hawthorne HQ, and we were there to witness the final showdown between the top three qualifying competitors. The day was an exciting one with the teams eager to show that their pods could not only travel the length of SpaceX’s test track —… Read More


All the features in Apple Maps that’ll make you not hate it


Apple Maps isn’t the first app most people are clamoring for when they’re lost on a road trip. It’s actually one of the first apps I deleted when iOS finally let you get rid of native iPhone apps. 

But since the iOS 10 update, there are some features that can make Apple Maps an app you’d want to use. Here’s why you might want to consider keeping it around. 

Travel notifications for events

Let Apple Maps tell you when to leave for events.

Let Apple Maps tell you when to leave for events.

Image: Molly sequin/mashable

Apple cross checks its native apps to be as helpful as possible. This means that any events you have saved in your calendar will trigger a traffic notification via Apple Maps. It’ll give you the event time and location while telling you when to leave based on current traffic patterns. This feature could help you avoid showing up late for your next important event.  Read more…

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Passenger holding a baby gets punched trying to board a plane


I wonder if, at this point, airplane passengers are more afraid of turbulence or being assaulted by an airport/airline employee. 


The latest example of passengers under attack by the air carrier they’ve paid to provide a service takes us to Nice, France, where an employee appears to have punched a man holding a baby while he was trying to board an EasyJet flight to London on Saturday.

EasyJet employee hitting man holding baby after delay of over 14hours #easyJet #Telegraph #Dailymail #TheSun

— Arabella Ark (@ArabellaArkwri1) July 29, 2017 Read more…

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Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model 3


All those niggling details about Telsa’s eagerly anticipated $35,000 Model 3 all-electric sedan have finally been laid bare. The first 30 owners got their cars Friday night at an event at Tesla’s Fremont, California factory, and now we know so much more about the car that’s had analysts and enthusiasts giddy for months.

There will be two Model 3 sedans. The $35,000 base model has a 220-mile range, can do 0-to-60 mph in 5.6 seconds, and has a top speed of 130 mph. The pricier $44,000 model has a 310-mile range, can do 0-to-60 mph in 5.1 seconds, and offers a top speed of 140 mph. That puts it in range of Tesla’s more powerful and expensive ($72,000 base) Model S. Read more…

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U.S. bans tourists from traveling to North Korea


The administration of President Donald Trump may have done something that people on all sides of the political spectrum agree on: American tourists will soon no longer be able to set foot in North Korea.

The State Department issued the new North Korea policy nearly one month to the day after the death of Otto Warmbier, an American citizen who was detained in North Korea for around 18 months before being released in a coma. He died soon after returning to the U.S., and he had evidently been brutalized by North Korean officials while he was detained.

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