Jimmy Kimmel isn’t done being Senator Bill Cassidy’s biggest pest


When you’re only trying to save health care for 30 million people, you’ve got to be a little persistent.

The man you’d least expect to be on the front foot for saving health care in America, Jimmy Kimmel, is far from resting in his battle to ensure the Graham-Cassidy bill doesn’t cut funding to the most vulnerable. 

Entering into round three of the debate on Thursday night, Kimmel took aim at President Donald Trump, who recently got involved in the debate on Twitter (where else). 

For Kimmel, Trump’s support for the bill is more about politics than it is about a bill that’s, you know, actually good. Read more…

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10 Years and Counting, What Reality TV’s Favorite Family Has Achieved So Far

How do you #KeepItKardashian? The tenth season of the (insert your chosen adjective here: controversial, mundane, life-changing, aggravating) Keeping Up with the Kardashians is coming this weekend. The teaser dropped today and it’s as extra as your check-out cart at Sephora. Deny it, love it, hate it, sing songs about it, the entertainment world has […]

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See How Police Get False Confessions In These Crime Documentaries

Are you looking for something to binge-watch on Netflix this week? Try watching some crime documentaries. There are many documentaries to choose from so we’ve narrowed it down to five. They range from full-length movies to ones that break it down to a series of episodes. These documentaries cover different cases from murder to false […]

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Nicole Kidman’s powerful Emmy speech sheds light on domestic violence


It’s a long time coming, but Nicole Kidman took home her first ever Emmy on Sunday night.

The actress won the Emmy for outstanding actress in a limited series or movie for her role as Celeste Wright in Big Little Lies, and Kidman made sure to use the spotlight for an important issue.

In Big Little Lies, Kidman’s character is involved in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. It’s a role the actress acknowledged how difficult it was to play

During her acceptance speech, Kidman thanked her family for their sacrifices in letting her work on the show, but also how it brought to light the issue of domestic violence. Read more…

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A cord cutter’s guide to watching tonight’s Emmy Awards

 This year, it’s finally easy to live stream tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards if you’re a cord cutter. While you could always invest in a digital antenna to watch broadcast stations, the live streaming options for this year’s Emmys are numerous, compared with the 2016 event. When the Emmys aired on ABC last year, streamers had to authenticate using their cable or satellite… Read More


Angel Locsin’s Return to ‘La Luna Sangre’ Gets Fans Excited

If there is one show that’s surely making headlines it’s La Luna Sangre. The show is where Kathryn Bernardo is showing off her acting chops and also marks the return of Richard Gutierrez to primetime after signing on with ABS-CBN. This week fans of the show are in for an extra treat as Angel Locsin, […]

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Behold: Kermit the Frog’s new voice


It’s not easy being green or switching voices, but Kermit’s making it work.

Muppet veteran Matt Vogel made his vocal debut as the iconic frog on Monday’s episode of “Muppets Thought of the Week,” allowing fans to hear the new Kermit for the very first time — and luckily not much seems to have changed.

Back in July it was announced that Steve Whitmire, who had voiced Kermit for the past 27 years, had parted ways with Disney. Vogel, who joined Sesame Street in 1996, has voiced several popular roles on the show, and is the third person to ever voice Kermit.

Have a listen for yourself and see if you can tell the difference. Read more…

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What Jaime’s big moment with Cersei means for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8


Ah, Jaime Lannister. Longtime kingslayer, first-time queen betrayer.

Turns out that most of the biggest political maneuvers in Game of Thrones Season 7 finale were a farce. For all her apparent fear of the wight from beyond the Wall and waffling over whether or not to join the Great War, Cersei was full of it the whole dang time.

That was one of the bombshell revelations from the episode’s concluding sprint across Westeros: Cersei still gonna Cersei. She’s been a vile, duplicitous monster for seven straight seasons and, hey… she’s still got it!

Although she agreed to stand beside Dany, Jon, and their assembled forces to fight in the Great War, Cersei never intended to do anything of the sort. Instead, she sent punk rock pirate boytoy Euron Greyjoy off on a secret mission to retrieve the Golden Company mercenaries: 20,000 warriors — with elephants — who can defeat dragons, I guess? Read more…

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#LaLunaSangreSheIsBack Tops Twitter Trends

Kathryn Bernardo keeps showing off her complexity as an actress in La Luna Sangre. After last night’s episode, fans have been tweeting how they loved Kathryn’s portrayal of Malia Rodriguez, her real identity in the show. As of writing, the hashtag #LaLunaSangreSheIsBack is the highest in Twitter’s Philippine trends with over 140,000 tweets. Get a […]

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Why Apple’s not going to sell an OLED TV


It’s no secret Apple really, really wants to reinvent the TV. On his deathbed, Steve Jobs expressed great interest in fixing the crummy TV watching experience, telling his biographer Walter Isaacson that he had “finally cracked it.”

Jobs said he wanted to create an “integrated television set that is completely easy to use” and “would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud.”

In 2014, leakers and analysts repeatedly said Apple would release its own TV set, which many speculated could have been powered by Siri. No such Apple-branded TV was ever released and many believe Apple shelved it. Read more…

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Gilly’s nighttime reading on ‘Game of Thrones’ may have just changed everything


Sometimes, Game of Thrones characters spend years chasing mysteries, risking life and limb to dig up secrets that have the potential to shake up the entire playing board as we know it.

And then other times, they casually stumble across them while enjoying a bit of light bedtime reading.

In this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, Gilly unearths a bombshell with potentially life-changing consequences for Dany, Jon … and the entirety of the Seven Kingdoms, really. 

While paging through the records of the former High Septon Maynard, Gilly asks Sam about a word she doesn’t understand. “What’s annulment?” Read more…

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Pure joy is watching Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers watch ‘Game of Thrones’ together


You probably already know about Leslie Jones’ love for live-tweeting Game of Thrones, and how incredibly entertaining it is.

Now the next best thing, Game of Jones, is back. It features Seth Meyers and Jones watching the show together — in this case, episode 4 of Season 7.

What’s more, there’s a special guest who joins them. Please, let them do this for every episode until GoT finishes. Read more…

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Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season, In Three Charts

Oof, what a finale. The three-hour, live conclusion to Season 13 of “The Bachelorette” and Rachel Lindsay’s quest for love didn’t come down to a typical choice between two men — she sent suitors Eric and Peter home early before accepting last-man-standing Bryan Abasolo’s proposal amongst the windswept vineyards of La Rioja, Spain. It seems […]