Leaked Wikileaks chats reveal it actually thought we’d be better off with the GOP in power


No one can know the future, but man did Julian Assange really not have a clue.

The founder and publisher of Wikileaks is a controversial figure, and a series of leaked private chats published by The Intercept demonstrate that his lightning-rod persona is not just for the public’s benefit. Those chats also reveal several truths about the man, including the nugget that he thought we’d be better off if the Republicans won the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 

Which, well, yeahAbout that

That questionable assumption comes out of a private Twitter group that included Assange and some of his top online supporters. According to The Intercept, the chat logs run from May 2015 to November 2017, and were sent to the publication by the same person who created the group.  Read more…

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How I cleaned up my embarrassing Twitter history


This may be hard to imagine, but I, a now hilarious 24-year-old with impressive self-control and impeccable taste in movies, music, and celebrity crushes, have not always crafted the best tweets.

Sure, my Twitter fingers are professionally trained at this point. But when I first made my debut in 2011, I was an angsty 18-year-old, obsessed with One Tree Hill, listening to Dashboard Confessional on a loop, and tragically venting about freshman year of college.

I’ve grown a lot since then. And the sophisticated professional I am today decided it was time to venture back into my Twitter history and clean up my online image.  Read more…

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Twitter is *finally* profitable for the first time ever


It turns out cutting back, focusing, and maybe a little Donald Trump can help make money. 

Twitter reported its first-ever profitable quarter Thursday after more than four years of trading on the public market. The company announced $91 million in profit for the fourth quarter of 2017. Profitability was the #goal, CEO Jack Dorsey told investors in February 2017, and Twitter nailed it. The stock was up by more than 14 percent in after-hours trading.

Monthly user growth remained flat. Twitter announced 300 million monthly active users, the same as last quarter. But it did achieve a 12 percent year over year growth in daily active users. Read more…

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Why social media companies won’t kill off bots


Bots, bots, everywhere, but nothing good to click. 

As the social media networks of the world engage in a performative struggle to become good for people’s well being, they have been simultaneously peppered with questions about bots on their respective platforms. The automated accounts degrade the user experience and poison the well, the argument goes, and calls to cull them from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have only grown since the 2016 U.S. presidential election

The bots, however, are very much here to stay.  Read more…

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Twitter is ablaze with ‘Selfie Kid’ memes after Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance

Today, some teams played a sport and one was crowned the winner (we think) – but more importantly, a meme was born. Didn’t watch the game? You’re hardly alone. Basically, … Read more

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What’s in a hashtag? A spark for our passions, in love and in war


I found love in a hopeless place. Yeah, some would argue that a Twitter hashtag is something terrible. They can be manipulated by bots and trolls (#ReleaseTheMemo). They can be hijacked by angry users (#TellingItLikeItIs). They can be just all around strange (#KanyesAnalPlaylist). 

The hashtag’s intended purpose — what Chris Messina pitched to Twitter in 2007 — was to bring people together. They do, my relationship being a case in point. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but TL;DR TechCrunch’s annual conference uses the hashtag #TCDisrupt and including those 10 characters in a tweet is how I met my friend turned significant other.  Read more…

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Dolly Parton responds to Adele’s Twitter tribute with heartfelt message


The Dolly Parton/Adele friendship is real, folks.

On Tuesday, Adele got dressed up and paid tribute to the legendary country singer in a cheery Twitter post.

“The effortless Queen of song, Dolly Parton!” she wrote. “We love you! We wish we could possess an ounce of your ability. You were the hero of our night! The hero of my life. I’ll always love you.”

Well, on Wednesday, Parton responded.

.@Adele you’re so fabulous! I will always love you! 💗

— Dolly Parton (@DollyParton) January 31, 2018

And she even filmed her own video message, too. Read more…

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This family took on the TidePod challenge and it’s not what you think


The Oribello family in Colorado pretended to take part in the Tide Pod Challenge by swapping out the detergent pods for frosted treats. The family claims to have posted the video to raise awareness of the dangers of eating TidePods. Some in the comment section praised them for their successful prank, while others criticized their actions.  Read more…

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Stop Twitting Yourself

Six months ago I quit Twitter. It happened in a moment that combined the deepest loathing (both self- and other-directed) and the brightest clarity, and I have not looked back since. Apart from the actual quitting of Twitter, the thing I am most proud of is not having written an essay about it, so I […]


Rules of engagement when you follow your colleagues on Twitter


So, you’ve done the deed. You went and followed aaaaall of your colleagues on Twitter. They’ve followed you back. Now there’s no going back. 

Before you carry on tweeting as you did before, there are a few HIGHLY important rules you need to be aware of. 

This isn’t a time for skimming folks. Absorb every syllable of the following commandments before you go forth into the Twittersphere. 

Do not post Slack conversations without permission 

Thought your Slack convo with your work BFF was totally LOL? Good for you. But, before you post a screenshot for all the world to see, think about whether your beloved colleague would want the world reading your innermost secrets. Your work confidante could soon view you as a confi-don’t.  Read more…

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Bye-bye, Bitcoin. It’s all about bananacoins.


Bananacoin is a cryptocurrency that is linked to banana prices. It’s investing in Laotian banana farms in exchange for digital “tokens.” One token based on Ethereum is equal to the export price of 1 kilogram of bananas. Investing in bananacoin could be for a good cause, considering the most common types of banana are endangered.  Read more…

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Even Twitter is trying to be like camera-friendly Snapchat now


Another company is cribbing off Snapchat. And for once, it’s not Facebook.

Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that mimics Snapchat’s camera-centered design. According to Bloomberg, the new design would eliminate steps for Twitter users who want to post photos and videos, which they hope will increase engagement on the platform.

Currently in the Twitter app, getting to your camera is a two-step process. After opening the app, users have to click the compose button in the upper right hand corner, and then the camera button below the body of their nascent tweet. Then, of course, Tweeters have to decide to share what they’ve captured or written and actually send that Tweet out into the world. Read more…

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Twitter to notify users who got played by Russian propaganda accounts


Over a half million Twitter users are about to be on the receiving end of an inbox surprise. 

No, not the news of an unexpected verification. Nor something more prosaic, such as their unwitting participation in a new feature test group. Rather, Twitter will be dropping a little email truth bomb: You got played by a Russian troll army. 

In a Friday blog post, the social media giant said it plans to inform 677,775 people who, over the course of the 2016 presidential “election period,” followed, liked, or retweeted accounts “potentially” connected to the now infamous Internet Research Agency. Read more…

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