Things I Miss, In No Particular Order

Half of the outlets didn’t work and we had a cupboard that specifically housed a nest of spiders that we never properly dealt with and one roommate used a baseball bat to smash our smoke detector when it kept going off and I’ve never been more sad to leave a place.


New York City, August 17, 2017

★★★★ Clouds slowed the onset of daylight, but once the sun got clear it was dazzling to stand out in. The breezes were impeccable, though. The five-year-old ran down the sidewalk on the shady side of the avenue, kicking up his heels. Cool shadows were everywhere in the afternoon, and the breeze strengthened till it […]


The 25 Best Heist Movies

Heist movies are a summer staple. Time-tested tropes of the genre — the planning montage, the inevitable need to change plans on the fly, the high-speed getaway — have thrilled audiences for over half a century. One of the greatest heist film directors, Steven Soderbergh, is returning to the world of larceny with Logan Lucky,…


New York City, August 16, 2017

★★★★ A woman in a bikini didn’t wait for the morning sun to reach the couches or lounges on her building’s roofdeck, but sat up in a straight chair on the side walkway where the rays were already shining. The light was clear and the air had dried. Thin clouds showed up to mitigate the […]