Not-so-sneaky kid tries to get past dad’s security cam


One kid was practicing his secret agent skills to get past his dad’s security camera, and it didn’t really work out.

In a YouTube video posted by Jeremy Gabrysch, Gabrysch wrote that his elementary school-aged kids had been coming down “to party” in the middle of the night. 

The dad happened to bust the kids each time, but they didn’t know how. After spotting that there was a security camera hidden in the living room, the son decided to take matters into his own hands and tried to disable it by slithering on the floor so he’d go unseen. 

Unfortunately for him, he was definitely caught on camera trying his luck. Maybe next time the kids should just enjoy their parties in the daytime when it’s safe.   Read more…

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Publishers put down pitchforks for Facebook, proceed into original video with caution


For all of Facebook’s big talk about video, it was still just part of the almighty News Feed. 

Publishers hoping to capture a moment of a user’s attention looked for thumb-stopping moments, which gave rise to a new and not-terribly compelling format of video that remains endemic to Facebook.

Watch is something different. Facebook’s new original video program features TV-like shows made by media companies. Perhaps most importantly, the shows are showcased in a brand new section of the social network.

That’s enough to convince publishers, who have spent years contorting to fit into Facebook’s plans, that Watch could be big. Read more…

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Facebook quietly bought a startup that can manipulate videos


Fake news, it’s a big deal on Facebook, and we might just be getting more of it in the form of videos.

Facebook recently bought a startup with an expertise in video manipulation, Deutsche Startups reported. The German-based startup Fayteq has software that is able to remove or add objects in videos, even live ones, and add effects to them. 

The company offers “innovative technologies in the area of off-line and real-time video manipulation, removing the border between reality and fiction,” described Siegfried Vater, an investor and partner of Fayteq, according to TechEu. Read more…

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Trump’s latest social media video is a terrible masterpiece


It seems every week the White House social team tries out different video transitions … and it always looks terrible. 

Here’s a brief look at this week’s masterpiece, which is 3-plus minutes of photos and videos sliding from the top, bottom, and sides of the screen, accompanied by Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”  It ends with a Looney Tunes effect on a waving American flag. 

Watch the whole thing, if you dare. 

These video skills are out of control, as people noticed on Twitter. 

Trump just wanted to show off how good he’s getting at Windows Movie Maker.
Look at those transitions, pretty sharp.

— Tea Party Amercan (@BarryWirth) August 9, 2017 Read more…

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Facebook is finally ready for its next big move: Taking on TV


Updated Aug. 9, 2017, at 6:17 p.m. PDT with additional show details.

Updated Aug. 9, 2017, at 4:23 p.m. PDT with more information from Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has been preaching video as our future for the last couple years. On Thursday, he’s launching the next big step in the company’s quest to dominate every last second of your waking life.

Facebook is set to debut original shows made by media partners exclusively for the social network, marking the company’s official entry into the high-end online video world that already includes rivals Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Apple.

It is also a product update, meaning the video tab in Facebook’s mobile app will feature a new section called “Watch” to highlight the initiative. “Watch” will also appear on desktop and Facebook’s TV apps. Read more…

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Labrador retriever loves splashing around in her pool, and you’ll love watching her


Dogs and humans alike gotta enjoy those summertime vibes while they last. The weather is warm and the skies are clear, so that makes it the perfect time for taking a dip in the pool.

To enjoy those summer vibes, Teal the Labrador retriever took some time to splash around in her backyard pool and make a few waves. 

“Teal loves her pool, every time she gets in she does this,” the video’s description says.

Such fun way for a sweet doggo like her to make the best of the great weather. Read more…

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Super cute birb peeps with excitement when he meets his stuffed-animal twin


Kids can get pretty excited when their parents bring home a new toy from the store, and so can our wonderful birb friends.

Alex the cockatiel was extremely excited to get a stuffed animal toy (that looks exactly like him) to play with and love forever and ever. The cockatiel’s owner presented Alex with the plush twin, and he could barely contain his peeps of excitement when he saw his new buddy.

Since these two are just getting acquainted, Alex didn’t seem completely enthusiastic to have plush-Alex invade his personal space, but we’re sure they’ll be inseparable in no time. Read more…

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Whiny husky will absolutely NOT give up his shotgun seat


When someone calls shotgun, you have to obey the rules and give them that seat. That’s like Drivers Ed 101.

Those are the rules that Zeus the husky clearly understands, so it makes sense that he didn’t want to give up the front seat when his owner told him to move on out.

Zeus may be called the “stubborn husky” by his owner, but this just looks like a good boy who likes to play by the rules. So he’s. not. moving. Read more…

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Dog having a spa day is more relaxed than you’ll ever imagine


Bath running? Check. Cucumbers? Check. Faithful rubber ducky? All check.

Diesel Minnie is the dog having one of the most luxurious baths of them all. Diesel is usually hard at work posing for photos on his Instagram account, so this relaxing bath-in-a-sink is probably long overdue for him.

Let this video of Diesel relax you as you try to pretend you’re the one with cool cucumbers over your eyes and the calming smell of rosemary mint shampoo ready to take you away to your happy place. Read more…

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Activists are trolling this authoritarian leader one viral video at a time


Sometimes it’s hard to discern a parody from its original. 

Like in this bizarre propaganda footage above, showing the 60-year-old president of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov in full military uniform and dark sunglasses, firing Putin-style and with extreme precision at targets with an automatic rifle, pistol and even knives.

However, this video is actually a parody, created by opposition website in exile Khronika Turkmenistana (The Chronicle of Turkmenistan), as the first few seconds reveal. 

In the edited version, which ironically went viral with more than 300,000 views, shots of Arnold Schwarzenegger suiting up and arming himself with several weapons in the 1985 action movie Commando pave the way for Berdymukhamedov’s military show-off.  Read more…

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Grandma can’t help but show off her moves when ‘Despacito’ comes on


“Despacito” is such the hottest Song of the Summer that even grandparents have dancing fever whenever they hear it.

Irish grandma Pat Fortune was caught dancing to “Despacito” by her daughter Caroline Fortune-Loughrey as the song blasted out of a car’s radio. Another woman even joins Grandma Pat while she shows off her moves because the song is just too contagious. 

Fortune-Loughrey told her mom is “the most positive person [she’s] ever known.” And those dance moves show it.

She also said of the dancing grandma, “She is so independent and loves every minute of life.” So keep rocking out, Grandma Pat. Read more…

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Cosplayers receive a lovely surprise when a talented melodica player belts out their themes


How cool would it be to have your theme song played behind you wherever you go?

YouTuber LilyPichu gave a taste of that majestic life to a couple of unsuspecting cosplayers at Indy Popcon in July. Carrying a pink melodica (that little piano keyboard that you blow into), she played songs like “Let It Go” and the “Legend of Zelda” theme for cosplayers she spotted wandering around at the convention.

The best part is when the cosplayers finally hear the tune being played and happily turn around to see the big surprise behind them. Read more…

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We Analyzed 1,000 Fortune Cookies To Unlock Their Secrets

I’m a bit obsessed with fortune cookies. I, an otherwise non-superstitious person, have no fewer than five incidentally meaningful ones stashed away in special places. I know I shouldn’t take them seriously — they’re not even Chinese! — but breaking open a cookie and attempting to find a higher truth is an inexplicably satisfying way […]


Little Beyoncé fan lights up when she hears her queen and hates anything else


Never, ever turn off the tunes when a little Beyoncé fan is listen to their favorite jam.

You might just get an ear full of whining if you do, like one 21-month-old Beyoncé fan that can’t get enough of “Single Ladies.”

In the video, the tiny fan is not having it when any other song is played in the car, but she immediately lights up when “Single Ladies” comes back on. But that’s because that’s what Beyoncé fans are supposed to do! She’s a true fan for real. Read more…

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