Gillmor Gang: Fossil Fuel

Gillmor Gang Artcard The Gillmor Gang — Doc Searls, Keith Teare, Frank Radice, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, April 21, 2017. Big Media meets the Big Algorithm as we reach subscription saturation. B=V/T: Self-service Bundling based on Value prioritized by Trust erases the distinction between short and long form. + G3: Denise Howell, Elisa Camahort Page, Kristie Wells, Maria Ogneva, and Tina… Read More


Watch the ‘Broad City’ women celebrate 420 with a truly magical smoke sesh


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🎶 

And don’t Broad City characters Abbi and Ilana know it. The known weed fiends and best friends forever eased fan’s between-season withdrawals on Thursday. The show’s IRL creators and stars, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, released a special “Hack into Broad City” Facebook video to mark stoners’ favourite date.

And things got pretty magical. Ilana replaced her diffuser’s essential oils with vape oil and the pair pretend to vape and pass, via Skype, as is their beloved tradition.

Except this time, it actually works! Either that, or they’re so high, they hallucinated a second pipe into existence. Read more…

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Grown men go through a carwash in an open convertible, just for the LOLs


They knew exactly how would go down. And yet, they did it anyway.

The LOLs are worth it for Australian radio presenters, Hamish and Andy, who sold all their bitcoin (!) in order to buy an old SAAB convertible. Why, you ask? Oh, just to drive it through a carwash on camera. 

You know, just to see what that’d be like. Silly? Yes. But will it bring a smile to your dial? Also, yes.

We imagine they’ve never been cleaner in their lives. Read more…

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We Are A Nation Of Tax-Day Procrastinators

Have you done your taxes yet? If not, you’re far from alone. In 2015, according to data from the IRS, more than 20 million Americans — about one in seven filers — waited until the final week to file their federal income tax returns, which this year are due on April 18. (Quirks of the […]


Let’s Watch It! allows friends to watch & react to videos together on iMessage

 A new application for iMessage called “Let’s Watch It!” introduces an easy way for you to share and watch YouTube or Twitch videos with friends to watch together, as well as react to them, and even voice or video chat while viewing. The iMessage App Store doesn’t yet have a lot of breakout hits at this point, but group video chatting seems to be an exception. Last month,… Read More


Moscow Zoo takes legal action against ad agency that used their raccoon for an “erotic” video (NSFW)

An advertising company in Russia has been sued for using a raccoon in an “erotic” television commercial. No, no, we didn’t make this up. This past August, advertising agency Art-Mask … Read more

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This teen literally jumped out of a plane to ask a girl to prom


With promposal season in full swing, the teens are outdoing themselves left and right. But while most kids are staying Earth-bound for their over-the-top proposals, this teen literally jumped out of a plane for his potential prom date.

Set to Ellie Goulding’s “Falling For You,” the clip shows Ty Myers hopping out of a plane with a sign in hand that reads, “I’m Falling 4 u, PROM?” 

How Myers plans to top himself for all future proposals remains unclear. 

Perhaps he should take a page from Felix Baumgartner:

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Artist Paints His House In Stop Motion

Artist Ciaran ‘Yohan’ Brennan has transformed his dull grey house into a playful and colorful “painting”. Not only that, he made an entertaining stop motion video capturing the whole process! Brennan’s Spiderman-like skills should help him clean those windows as well.


PSA: Australia is only dangerous ‘if you’re a dumbass’


Australia is known for freaky accidents, usually involving the country’s dangerous wildlife. But is that reputation a little unfair?

Take the guy who narrowly escaped death last Sunday after diving into crocodile-infested waters in Queensland.

Sure, it’s a precarious situation. But it could’ve been avoided…if only the dude wasn’t a dumbass, according to Australian comedian Ronny Chieng on The Daily Show.

“Everyone thinks Australians are a bunch of crazy crocodile wrestlers,” Chieng said on Thursday.  Read more…

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Team Z is back for ‘iZombie’ Season 3


What’s better than brains? FRIENDSHIP — probably. Liv and her human colleagues are back for a new season of iZombie, where there’s blood, bonding, and yes — brains.

Season 2 ended with the discovery of a whole team of zombies in Seattle, and Season 3 looks poised to pit the undead against the living — though probably not, if Liv has any say in it.

iZombie returns April 4. Read more…

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This widly incorrect guess on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ will leave you screaming


This guy needs a beer, or at least a brief explainer of 20th century American plays.

A contestant on “America’s #1 game show!” Wheel of Fortune blew what was quite possibly one of the easiest puzzles in game show history on Tuesday night. 

All he had to do was guess the remaining letter in this title to win the round: “A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE.” 

You don’t have to be freakin’ Tennessee Williams to know the answer, and yet this contestant gave the letter “K.” Yes, K

Aren’t those moans from the crowd just painful? Naturally, Twitter was ablaze with people wondering just how? How could this happen? Read more…

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Google’s tool to edit your iPhone’s awkward Live Photos just got better


Google Motion Stills is a must-have app for iPhone fans with troves of Live Photos — and it just got even better.

The image editor already makes Live Photos less jarring by stabilizing shaky background movement and focusing on the motion at the center of an image’s frame. It also converts the pics to more socially shareable formats, converting them to GIFs and videos by weaving multiple Live Photos into one seamless animated image.  

A new update is giving iOS users even more options to improve their moving pics. Google just amped up the app’s editing tools, which should give users improved color depth and better stabilization.   Read more…

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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here is the Irish prime minister trolling Trump


The U.S. Capitol’s St. Patrick’s Day rituals did not bring President Donald Trump any luck this year.

On St. Patrick’s Day eve, Trump was put in an awkward position when Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny stood beside him and subtly called out his immigration policy in front of everyone.

After Trump discussed the country’s “high levels of optimism” and vowed America would remain a loyal friend to Ireland, he introduced Kenny, who explained the tradition of gathering at the White House every year to honor Ireland’s patron saint.  Read more…

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SXSW documentary sheds new light on Michael Brown’s death


The video you may have watched but don’t remember paints Michael Brown — the unarmed teen whose 2014 death sparked protests — as something of an aggressor. At first, he waits at a convenience store counter, hands behind his back. He seems to talk with the person behind the counter, then leans forward and appears to grab a box of cigarillos. When the person behind the counter walks around to confront him, Brown, 18, shoves him and walks out of the store. Brown would later be fatally shot by a police officer, his body would lay on the street for hours. 

Now a documentary that premiered at South By Southwest this weekend is trying to put the old video into a new contextStranger Fruit shows another video of Brown in that same store, but it has a very different story to tell.  Read more…

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Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart know why Magneto isn’t in ‘Logan’


Used to be there could be no conceived X-Men movie without Sir Ian McKellen, but that was a world before prequels and standalones. The actor hasn’t been in all the X-Men movies, but when it came time for Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman to shoot Logan, he was missed.

In an interview with Mashable, Jackman noted how political the X-Men stories are, comparing Charles Xavier to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Magneto to figures like Malcolm X and Che Guevara.

In Logan, the Professor and his unlikely protegé are joined by Caliban (Stephen Merchant), a new mutant who can sense approaching threats.  Read more…

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Please, for the love of God, stop saying ‘Hidden Fences’


Have previous award show flubs taught us nothing?

On Sunday’s Oscars red carpet, People Editor-in-Chief Jess Cagle tossed out the first “Hidden Fences” of the night. Upon realizing his mistake, he apologized and corrected himself.

As was (and is still) the case at the Golden Globes earlier this year, “Hidden Fences” is not an actual film.

Already have the first “Hidden Fences” tonight #Oscars

— Mashable (@mashable) February 27, 2017

Fences, starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, is an Oscar-nominated movie.  Read more…

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