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Intense video shows oblivious truck driver drag a car with someone in it


An intense video captured on a California freeway shows a large tractor trailer truck dragging a car, seemingly unaware the two vehicles had gotten into an accident.

Witness Brian Steimke was driving up the Cajon Pass when he pulled up on the truck dragging a maroon Nissan Maxima. 

“They’re dragging the car,” Steimke can be heard saying in the clip, amazed by what he’s seeing. “They don’t know what’s going on here.”

When Steimke pulls alongside the vehicles, the driver in the car being dragged unrolls the window and is waving at the truck driver to stop.  Read more…

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Tough goose spotting walking around New York with an arrow through its neck


Residents in Amherst, New York have been on a wild goose chase for more than a month looking for a Canada goose walking around with an arrow through its neck

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s an actual arrow stuck in a goose’s neck. And the goose is still alive and kicking and balancing her long neck pretty well between the two sides of the killing contraption.

According to the local ABC affiliate, animal groups are still unable to catch the goose, and Amherst authorities don’t know how she wound up sustaining such an injury. However, this badass goose seems to be a-okay. She’s been flying, pecking at grass, and flapping her wings like a normal, un-speared bird.  Read more…

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Little girl getting dragged by a merry-go-round is too relatable


Everyone’s had one of those days. 

Days where it’s hard to care about anything and you’re just barely holding on as life and the world around you just seems to keep going on without you. Days where you can barely muster the strength to get out of bed.

This video proves that kids are not immune to experiencing one of those days. 

[h/t:Digg] Read more…

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Woman barely escapes getting struck by a train


A pedestrian in New Zealand came just inches from being struck by a train because she didn’t look both ways before crossing. Parents across the world are violently shaking their heads after reading that sentence. 

Officials for the Auckland Transport released footage of a distracted woman crossing the tracks at the Mount Eden station on Friday in an attempt to raise awareness for rail safety.  

In the clip, several people can be seen crossing the tracks as the warning lights flash in the corner. Eventually, a woman in a purple sweatshirt starts to stroll across the tracks. She can be seen looking to her right before she crossed, but not to her left.  Read more…

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Guy gets nailed in the throat with a pigeon while riding a roller coaster


The opening of the Ferrari Land theme park at PortAventura Park in Spain started with a truly unfortunate and equally hilarious event when a rider on one of the park’s roller coasters collided with a bird. 

The park, which officially opened to the public on Friday, features the highest and fastest roller coast in Europe, which launches riders to 111 mph in just five seconds. Well, during that speedy acceleration, a rider in the front of the coaster gets nailed right in the throat by a pigeon. 

The guy seemed equally horrified and confused by the whole thing, and just as the pigeon came into his life, it was gone, brushed aside like an eyelash in the wind. Read more…

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Mattress flies off a truck, causes accident and also saves the day


When you’re hauling a bunch of stuff, always make sure your load is secure, even if it’s a squishy mattress. 

Motorcyclist Aaron Wood was riding his bike through the Clem 7 tunnel in Brisbane, Australia last week when a mattress flew off the back of a truck directly into his lane. Unable to avoid the mattress, Wood hit it with his bike, but fortunately, it was a mattress. 

The squishy landing pad became lodged in his front tire, causing the bike to slow down rapidly. Fortunately, he was not rear ended, and was able to walk away from the wreck without serious injury. 

“I was just very lucky to come out unscathed — apart from some cuts to my hands,” Wood told the Queensland Times. Read more…

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This teen literally jumped out of a plane to ask a girl to prom


With promposal season in full swing, the teens are outdoing themselves left and right. But while most kids are staying Earth-bound for their over-the-top proposals, this teen literally jumped out of a plane for his potential prom date.

Set to Ellie Goulding’s “Falling For You,” the clip shows Ty Myers hopping out of a plane with a sign in hand that reads, “I’m Falling 4 u, PROM?” 

How Myers plans to top himself for all future proposals remains unclear. 

Perhaps he should take a page from Felix Baumgartner:

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Intense video shows python swallowing a hyena whole


Mother Nature is brutal. 

A tourist in Kenya found themselves in a gory situation recently when they stumbled across a 13-foot-long rock python devouring a 150-pound hyena. 

It’s pretty brutal.

According to National Geographic, Dutch web designer Jos Bakker discovered the snake while at the Masai Mara National Reserve, and his tour guide informed local scientists at Fisi Camp, a field site for zoologist Kay Holekamp of the Michigan State University. 

Scientists were initially skeptical a python could take on something as big and smart as a hyena, but here were are.  Read more…

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Instant karma comes for driver skipping line of cars on the freeway


Anyone who frequently drives on the highway knows how annoying it can be when a driver tries to jump the line at a busy junction, but there’s usually not much drivers can do about it. 

In this clip, cars start to pileup in the righthand lane as the driver with the dash cam speeds past. There are plenty of opportunities for the driver to safely merge into traffic, but he pulls the jerk move instead.

At the last second, the driver fills a gap between a large truck and a car, cutting the dozens of other vehicles that queued when they were supposed to and waited their turn. But just two cars ahead was a Connecticut State Trooper that spotted the whole thing. The trooper quickly jumps out of her vehicle and flags the driver over. Read more…

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This 3-second dog video is all you need to totally turn your day around


It’s not often that we come across something so perfectly entertaining that we suggest—no, insist—that you watch it over and over and over again.

But the time has come for this demand. We promise that this 3-second video of a dog will flip your whole day around.

About 200 of the video’s 300-thousand plus total views have come from us alone. We can’t stop watching, and it truly gets funnier with every view.

Think you’ve seen enough? You haven’t. Watch again. Repeat.

Have a wonderful day. Read more…

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Watch this massive block of icicles come crashing down


Icicles may look pretty neat, but you might not want to get too close. 

The Mount Baker Ski Area in Washington had a pretty significant amount of snowfall this winter, so they had to do a little bit of icicle maintenance because their roof heaters couldn’t keep up.

Watch as Mother Nature’s glorious creation comes crashing down.  Read more…

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Those kids from the viral ’80s TV show are back to do their intro as adults


Did you identify as Catrina? Or did you feel like more of a Joe?

At the end of 2016, the intro of a ’80s TV show from the UK took the internet by storm. People became obsessed with the over-enthusiastic kids introducing themselves, the perky dance and the catchy tune. Parodies were made, memes were created. It was a great time.

Well, the Emu’s Pink Windmill (that’s the actual name of the show) kids are back as the adults they have matured into, and they know exactly what everyone wants: a reunited version of that intro. They do not disappoint. Read more…

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Senior citizens doing their own ‘Carpool Karaoke’ show you’re never too old to sing ‘Call Me Maybe’


Love has the ability to make anyone feel young at heart.

These hip members of Senior Living Communities (which owns retirement homes across the country) bring you their very own edition of “Carpool Karaoke” to put you in the Valentine’s Day spirit. 

They discuss their favorite pickup lines, their celebrity crushes and sing and dance to all the hits from The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” to Desiigner’s “Panda.”

They ain’t ever getting older.

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Daring cat tries to steal food from a bird feeder and it’s intense


Sometimes you have to risk it all to get your paws on some delicious snacks. 

After impressively scaling a tiny tree branch in Russia, this agile feline managed to steal a chunk of bacon from a makeshift bird feeder by precariously dangling by its hind legs. 

Sorry, birds.

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Brave rabbit fends off a falcon in a showdown for the ages


The wild is a scary place, but unlikely heroes emerge as a result.

In this video posted on Youtube by user DUB TV, a rabbit combats an attack from an aggressive falcon in a dramatic fight of life and death. 

Even though the falcon has height on its side, the scrappy hare puts its dukes up and shows the falcon who’s boss.

For now, this rabbit reigns on as King of the Prairie. 


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Bad Lip Reading tackles the NFL in a hilarious new parody


It’s becoming one of the best traditions of the year: just before the Super Bowl, Bad Lip Reading drops its annual overdub of the NFL. This year’s edition doesn’t disappoint. 

From random nonsense to silly phrases, there’s just something hilarious about making grown NFL players sound completely ridiculous. 

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2 goats manage to get their heads stuck in 1 bucket


Goats aren’t necessarily known for being the smartest animals in the kingdom.

A man waiting for the bus in Lalitpur, Nepal, stumbled across a sad yet hilarious scene: two curious goats managed to get both of their heads stuck inside a bucket, presumably because there was something delicious inside.

Thankfully a good Samaritan was able to free the goats the from the clutches of the bucket, and it seemed like nobody even missed the bus in the process. 

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78-year-old grandma makes the perfect snow angel with help from her family


Puppies and kids aren’t the only ones who love the snow. 

According to Youtube user Chris Howerton, his 78-year-old grandma wanted to go out and make a snow angel, despite not being able to see or walk very well. 

In this video, his uncles help make her day by carefully plopping her into the fluffy snow and watching as she creates her masterpiece.

She’s definitely done this before because that angel looks pretty perfect to us. 

There’s nothing like playing in the snow to make you feel young again.

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If you want to smile, watch B-Rad the baby sloth do his thing


This might be, without exaggeration, the absolute cutest baby sloth we’ve ever seen. 

B-Rad is a three-toed baby sloth from Costa Rica and we can only imagine that he is the star of the Kids Saving the Rainforest Wildlife Animal Sanctuary

Everything about this Brave Wilderness video is too much. B-Rad hanging out on a fluffy stuffed sloth, the little squeals he makes, the part where he eats the leaf, his tiny hands scratching his tiny body. 

Not even the show’s host Coyote Peterson can handle how incredibly adorable this creature is. 

Our hearts are bursting from too much cute animal exposure.  Read more…

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