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Lion immediately regrets messing with this hippo


What looked like an easy meal turned into a headache for one lion. 

A female lion attempted to hunt a hippo basking in the sun at Maasai Mara in Kenya recently. Perhaps the lion thought the hippo was injured or sleeping. It was most certainly not.

After noticing the lion, the hippo immediately gets up. The lion trots off like it’s no big deal, but the hippo shows that it’s not to be messed with. 

Thankfully for the lion, she got off with just a warning this time.

WATCH: Here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about ‘Masters of the Universe’

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Guy creates a super cool maze for his cats using 50 cardboard boxes


If there’s anything certain about cats, it’s their love for cardboard boxes.

So, in celebration of the made up holiday National Cat Day, Cole and Marmalade‘s human, Chris Poole, decided to created a cat maze using 50 small cardboard boxes. Poole has completely lost use of his living room but at least his cats are happy.

The best part about the cat maze is that it can be broken down and stored in a relatively small area, so hopefully Cole and Marmalade can enjoy the cat maze for years to come.  Read more…

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Idina Menzel loved this little boy’s rendition of ‘Let it Go’ so much, she asked him to sing it twice


Sometimes you’ve just got to “Let it Go” on, please, again and again and again.

Idina Menzel is known for bringing little kids on stage when she performs. During a concert in Grand Prairie, Texas last weekend, she happened to invite one particularly performative little boy on stage with her.

Most little boys claimed to hate “Let it Go,” Menzel posited.

“Heck to the no!” the boy responded. “I’m offended.”

His performance was so good (as was, coincidentally, his little kid stage patter) she asked him to sing “Let it Go” twice.

Watch, and feel ashamed of yourself for lacking his talent.  Read more…

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This is how you properly celebrate your car’s odometer hitting 500,000 miles


What is the proper way to celebrate the colossal milestone of your car’s odometer finally rolling over to 500,000? 

If you guessed “throw an ironically unenthusiastic party in your car complete with cupcake and party horn,” you are absolutely correct. But there’s a little more to it than that.

The way this driver creatively utilize the car’s functions in the celebration is something to admire. This video is so full of twists and turns that it would have M. Knight Shyamalan taking notes. It’s a truly beautiful 29 seconds of film that no doubt sets the precedent on “odometer celebration videos.” Read more…

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ICYMI: Trump and Macron had yet another handshake battle, and it’s just as awkward as the first


President Trump is famous for his intimidating, crushing handshakes, but we think he’s met his match.

Newly appointed president of France, Emmanuel Macron, impressed the internet this week by annihilating President Trump in an handshake battle. Despite Trump’s infamously aggressive handshakes, Macron asserted his dominance, anticipated the awkward tug, and kept his head in the game with an equally frightening grip.

That was round 1. Now it’s time for round 2.  

At the NATO summit in Brussels, Macron seems to be making a beeline for Trump’s outstretched hand, but then completely swerves him to embrace German chancellor Angela Merkel instead, leaving Trump standing there with a sad, empty hand.  Read more…

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Bear attempts to break into store, runs right into a glass door

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Police chopper warns paddleboarders they’re surrounded by 15 sharks


New footage shot near Capistrano Beach from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department adds to the evidence that Southern California has a really bad shark problem this year. 

“You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks,” Deputy Brian Stockbridge announced  from the helicopter to the beachgoers below.

Thankfully, the sharks were relatively small and were not acting aggressively, so the area beaches were not closed but put under shark advisory instead, the Orange County Register reports

“We haven’t had any reports of anyone being bumped or charged, just observations of them either swimming or breaching,” OC Lifeguards Chief Jason Young told the Register. Read more…

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Guy scares the crap out of a bear using a dancing clown doll


To many people in the world, bears are majestic and mysterious beasts — the king of the forest. To others, bears are a trash-eating nuisance. 

Considering bears are capable of ripping off your face, getting them to stop eating your trash once they’ve discovered the deliciousness of your leftover spaghetti isn’t so simple. Bear-proof trash cans can help, but they’re smart creatures, and they love to eat trash.

YouTuber Jordan Ogle discovered a brand new way to protect his garbage from his local hungry bear, proving that even wildlife thinks that clowns are creepy. 

[h/t:Reddit] Read more…

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Lightning strike leaves a surprise for an unsuspecting motorist


Thanks to the rise of cheap and reliable dashcams, the internet is filled with random occurrences people have witnessed behind the wheel.

While we’ve seen plenty of meteor strikes, instant justice delivered to bad drivers, and even plane crashes, this clip of a bolt of lighting hitting a bird and whacking it right out of the sky is one for the weird record books.  Read more…

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The spaghetti-stuffed meatball is here to make you feel bloated


When it comes to creating weird food, the power couple behind HellthyJunkFood are the unofficial YouTuber champions. From oversized concoctions to DIY versions of fast food, JP and Julia know how to keep things funky.

But this time, they’ve gone too far.

There’s not much room for creativity when it comes to the classic spaghetti and meatballs, so JP and Julia decided to put some spaghetti inside a meatball. Yes, inside the meatball.

We reluctantly approve of this creation, but agree that a smaller version would be a bit more practical.  Read more…

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Badass mother whale fights off orcas attacking her calf

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This poor dude fell during his prom entrance and the internet can’t stop laughing


A couple attempting to make a grand entrance for their family before prom landed themselves a viral video instead.

While prom is stressful enough, the moments leading up to prom can be even worse. Before you step foot into a limo or the venue, most teens attending prom have an obligatory photoshoot with family and friends, which leaves plenty of room for awkward moments. 

Jordyn McManus and her boyfriend Austin Cooper tried to make a big entrance for their families on Saturday when Cooper accidentally stole the show. The two were walking down a staircase at McManus’ house when Cooper slipped, sending him flying down a few stairs.  Read more…

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Intense video shows oblivious truck driver drag a car with someone in it


An intense video captured on a California freeway shows a large tractor trailer truck dragging a car, seemingly unaware the two vehicles had gotten into an accident.

Witness Brian Steimke was driving up the Cajon Pass when he pulled up on the truck dragging a maroon Nissan Maxima. 

“They’re dragging the car,” Steimke can be heard saying in the clip, amazed by what he’s seeing. “They don’t know what’s going on here.”

When Steimke pulls alongside the vehicles, the driver in the car being dragged unrolls the window and is waving at the truck driver to stop.  Read more…

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Tough goose spotting walking around New York with an arrow through its neck


Residents in Amherst, New York have been on a wild goose chase for more than a month looking for a Canada goose walking around with an arrow through its neck

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s an actual arrow stuck in a goose’s neck. And the goose is still alive and kicking and balancing her long neck pretty well between the two sides of the killing contraption.

According to the local ABC affiliate, animal groups are still unable to catch the goose, and Amherst authorities don’t know how she wound up sustaining such an injury. However, this badass goose seems to be a-okay. She’s been flying, pecking at grass, and flapping her wings like a normal, un-speared bird.  Read more…

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Little girl getting dragged by a merry-go-round is too relatable


Everyone’s had one of those days. 

Days where it’s hard to care about anything and you’re just barely holding on as life and the world around you just seems to keep going on without you. Days where you can barely muster the strength to get out of bed.

This video proves that kids are not immune to experiencing one of those days. 

[h/t:Digg] Read more…

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Woman barely escapes getting struck by a train


A pedestrian in New Zealand came just inches from being struck by a train because she didn’t look both ways before crossing. Parents across the world are violently shaking their heads after reading that sentence. 

Officials for the Auckland Transport released footage of a distracted woman crossing the tracks at the Mount Eden station on Friday in an attempt to raise awareness for rail safety.  

In the clip, several people can be seen crossing the tracks as the warning lights flash in the corner. Eventually, a woman in a purple sweatshirt starts to stroll across the tracks. She can be seen looking to her right before she crossed, but not to her left.  Read more…

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Guy gets nailed in the throat with a pigeon while riding a roller coaster


The opening of the Ferrari Land theme park at PortAventura Park in Spain started with a truly unfortunate and equally hilarious event when a rider on one of the park’s roller coasters collided with a bird. 

The park, which officially opened to the public on Friday, features the highest and fastest roller coast in Europe, which launches riders to 111 mph in just five seconds. Well, during that speedy acceleration, a rider in the front of the coaster gets nailed right in the throat by a pigeon. 

The guy seemed equally horrified and confused by the whole thing, and just as the pigeon came into his life, it was gone, brushed aside like an eyelash in the wind. Read more…

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Mattress flies off a truck, causes accident and also saves the day


When you’re hauling a bunch of stuff, always make sure your load is secure, even if it’s a squishy mattress. 

Motorcyclist Aaron Wood was riding his bike through the Clem 7 tunnel in Brisbane, Australia last week when a mattress flew off the back of a truck directly into his lane. Unable to avoid the mattress, Wood hit it with his bike, but fortunately, it was a mattress. 

The squishy landing pad became lodged in his front tire, causing the bike to slow down rapidly. Fortunately, he was not rear ended, and was able to walk away from the wreck without serious injury. 

“I was just very lucky to come out unscathed — apart from some cuts to my hands,” Wood told the Queensland Times. Read more…

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This teen literally jumped out of a plane to ask a girl to prom


With promposal season in full swing, the teens are outdoing themselves left and right. But while most kids are staying Earth-bound for their over-the-top proposals, this teen literally jumped out of a plane for his potential prom date.

Set to Ellie Goulding’s “Falling For You,” the clip shows Ty Myers hopping out of a plane with a sign in hand that reads, “I’m Falling 4 u, PROM?” 

How Myers plans to top himself for all future proposals remains unclear. 

Perhaps he should take a page from Felix Baumgartner:

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