How to groom your pubic hair without ending up in the ER


You would think pube-grooming would be an easy, breezy situation, but you would be absolutely wrong.

A new study has shown a rise in pubic hair grooming-related injuries for U.S. adults, some even resulting in emergency room visits. Who knew such a common primping practice could be so dangerous? 

From the results of this study, it seems like a lot of people need to brush up on their bush-maintenance safety. So if you’re worried about lacerations from razors and painful wax burns, take a look at these helpful tips and tricks.  Read more…

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Not-so-sneaky kid tries to get past dad’s security cam


One kid was practicing his secret agent skills to get past his dad’s security camera, and it didn’t really work out.

In a YouTube video posted by Jeremy Gabrysch, Gabrysch wrote that his elementary school-aged kids had been coming down “to party” in the middle of the night. 

The dad happened to bust the kids each time, but they didn’t know how. After spotting that there was a security camera hidden in the living room, the son decided to take matters into his own hands and tried to disable it by slithering on the floor so he’d go unseen. 

Unfortunately for him, he was definitely caught on camera trying his luck. Maybe next time the kids should just enjoy their parties in the daytime when it’s safe.   Read more…

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Labrador retriever loves splashing around in her pool, and you’ll love watching her


Dogs and humans alike gotta enjoy those summertime vibes while they last. The weather is warm and the skies are clear, so that makes it the perfect time for taking a dip in the pool.

To enjoy those summer vibes, Teal the Labrador retriever took some time to splash around in her backyard pool and make a few waves. 

“Teal loves her pool, every time she gets in she does this,” the video’s description says.

Such fun way for a sweet doggo like her to make the best of the great weather. Read more…

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Super cute birb peeps with excitement when he meets his stuffed-animal twin


Kids can get pretty excited when their parents bring home a new toy from the store, and so can our wonderful birb friends.

Alex the cockatiel was extremely excited to get a stuffed animal toy (that looks exactly like him) to play with and love forever and ever. The cockatiel’s owner presented Alex with the plush twin, and he could barely contain his peeps of excitement when he saw his new buddy.

Since these two are just getting acquainted, Alex didn’t seem completely enthusiastic to have plush-Alex invade his personal space, but we’re sure they’ll be inseparable in no time. Read more…

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Whiny husky will absolutely NOT give up his shotgun seat


When someone calls shotgun, you have to obey the rules and give them that seat. That’s like Drivers Ed 101.

Those are the rules that Zeus the husky clearly understands, so it makes sense that he didn’t want to give up the front seat when his owner told him to move on out.

Zeus may be called the “stubborn husky” by his owner, but this just looks like a good boy who likes to play by the rules. So he’s. not. moving. Read more…

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Idina Menzel loved this little boy’s rendition of ‘Let it Go’ so much, she asked him to sing it twice


Sometimes you’ve just got to “Let it Go” on, please, again and again and again.

Idina Menzel is known for bringing little kids on stage when she performs. During a concert in Grand Prairie, Texas last weekend, she happened to invite one particularly performative little boy on stage with her.

Most little boys claimed to hate “Let it Go,” Menzel posited.

“Heck to the no!” the boy responded. “I’m offended.”

His performance was so good (as was, coincidentally, his little kid stage patter) she asked him to sing “Let it Go” twice.

Watch, and feel ashamed of yourself for lacking his talent.  Read more…

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Dog having a spa day is more relaxed than you’ll ever imagine


Bath running? Check. Cucumbers? Check. Faithful rubber ducky? All check.

Diesel Minnie is the dog having one of the most luxurious baths of them all. Diesel is usually hard at work posing for photos on his Instagram account, so this relaxing bath-in-a-sink is probably long overdue for him.

Let this video of Diesel relax you as you try to pretend you’re the one with cool cucumbers over your eyes and the calming smell of rosemary mint shampoo ready to take you away to your happy place. Read more…

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Grandma can’t help but show off her moves when ‘Despacito’ comes on


“Despacito” is such the hottest Song of the Summer that even grandparents have dancing fever whenever they hear it.

Irish grandma Pat Fortune was caught dancing to “Despacito” by her daughter Caroline Fortune-Loughrey as the song blasted out of a car’s radio. Another woman even joins Grandma Pat while she shows off her moves because the song is just too contagious. 

Fortune-Loughrey told Independent.ie her mom is “the most positive person [she’s] ever known.” And those dance moves show it.

She also said of the dancing grandma, “She is so independent and loves every minute of life.” So keep rocking out, Grandma Pat. Read more…

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Cosplayers receive a lovely surprise when a talented melodica player belts out their themes


How cool would it be to have your theme song played behind you wherever you go?

YouTuber LilyPichu gave a taste of that majestic life to a couple of unsuspecting cosplayers at Indy Popcon in July. Carrying a pink melodica (that little piano keyboard that you blow into), she played songs like “Let It Go” and the “Legend of Zelda” theme for cosplayers she spotted wandering around at the convention.

The best part is when the cosplayers finally hear the tune being played and happily turn around to see the big surprise behind them. Read more…

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Little Beyoncé fan lights up when she hears her queen and hates anything else


Never, ever turn off the tunes when a little Beyoncé fan is listen to their favorite jam.

You might just get an ear full of whining if you do, like one 21-month-old Beyoncé fan that can’t get enough of “Single Ladies.”

In the video, the tiny fan is not having it when any other song is played in the car, but she immediately lights up when “Single Ladies” comes back on. But that’s because that’s what Beyoncé fans are supposed to do! She’s a true fan for real. Read more…

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Poor hamster has a surprisingly terrible time trying to work on its fitness


Hamster running wheels typically only come with enough room for one hamster. 

But one excited hamster thought it was a good idea to take the wheel from another hamster that had already been using it. Well, this hamster surely learned a good lesson. The first hamster reclaimed its wheel and sent the wheel-stealing hamster spinning.

The pet shop video was first shared by @_missmiranduh on Twitter last week, whose brother sent her the video.

If anyone’s going to buy these little hamsters, they should probably go to separate families. Read more…

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‘Game of Thrones’ got upstaged by the #NoConfederate campaign


As the third episode of Game of Thrones’ seventh season aired, another HBO-focused campaign pulled a lot of attention away from the mega-popular fantasy drama.

Last week, HBO announced a new project with Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, an alternative reality show in which the Civil War did not stop slavery and it continued to this very day. Woof. Pretty rough, right? 

Lots of people thought so, and the announcement was greeted with multitudes of backlash against the extremely sensitive subject and the fact that it would be spearheaded by two white dudes. (Writer couple Nichelle Tramble Spellman and Malcolm Spellman, who are black, are tapped to co-write and executive produce, but D&D are still set to be the showrunners.)  Read more…

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Two fiction writers built a sprawling, hilarious horror story on Twitter


It started innocently enough.

Just one writer talking to his friend, another writer, on Twitter.

@ChuckWendig yo, can you help me out

— Sam Sykes (@SamSykesSwears) July 28, 2017

The principals of this story are Sam Sykes, an author known best for his Aeons’ Gate fantasy series; and Chuck Wendig, who most recently helmed the Aftermath trilogy of Star Wars books. Their bona fides are only important insofar as it lets you know they do cool things with words.

Back to Twitter. Chuck gamely responded. It seemed innocent at first, totally nbd. Read more…

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Guy invents ‘Cycflix’ to make sure he can only watch Netflix while exercising


No more excuses for why you can’t reach your fitness goals and catch up on your Neflix queue this summer, there’s just one catch: you can only do them both at the same time.

Engineering student Ronan Byrne’s has invented the ultimate guilt machine that lets you watch Netflix, but only while you pedal your butt off.

Byrne hooked up an Arduino to control the functioning of Netflix through the movement of the cycle. If you you stop cycling or go below your the target speed too long, your Netflix video will stop – until you pick back up, of course. TBH, it looks a little annoying to have all those pop ups telling you how to watch, but it also looks like it works.  Read more…

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Donald Trump ruins your song of the summer, ‘Despacito,’ in a scary autotune remix


Just when you thought Song of the Summer “Despacito” couldn’t get any better, in comes Donald Trump to add his voice to the track. If that sounds terrible to you, at least know that it’s autotuned.

Okay, the Commander in Chief didn’t really sing the song himself, but YouTuber Maestro Ziikos got a little creative, and pulled the whole thing off.

The video supercuts a few different Donald moments of him saying each word of the song, all to the background music of “Despacito.” Make this another creative spin on the summer jam.

We recommend enjoying this song as background music while you catch up on the Donald’s latest tweets. Read more…

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The ‘Despacito’ heavy metal cover you didn’t know you needed


Prepare your ears for the heavy metal-reggaeton-pop fusion you never thought would exist.

“Despacito” is the hottest song of the summer, and now it’s got its own heavy metal cover you can bang your head to. 

Musician Leo Moracchioli of Leap Frog Studios in Norway put the catchy song together as a one-man band. In the video’s description, he wrote that he played every instrument and recorded, mixed, mastered, shot, and edited the music and video.

It kind of seems a little contradictory to sing a song titled “Slowly” to raging rock music… but, hey, it’s still pretty cool. Read more…

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Baby destined for an HGTV career absolutely loves shopping for paint


Try to come up with a time when you were ever impressed at a hardware store, because this baby has you beat.

Your excitement was probably something normal like finding what you needed on the first try, or the tool you were looking for was on sale.

But if you’re a young child like little Brock, there are more wonders at the hardware store than you could ever imagine. Take those colorful looking paint swatches, for instance.

In a video captured by Anita Mander on YouTube, Brock is totally impressed by every color. Fuchsia? Wow, everybody take a look at this. Sunny D Orange? Who knew they could even make such a color? Read more…

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You know you want to see an airbag explode out of a microwave… in slow motion


The inventor of the industrious, modern microwave probably didn’t have heating up airbags in mind when they were thinking about uses for it, yet here we are.

The Slow Mo Guys are throwing back to those old-school YouTube videos where people would throw stuff in microwaves just to see what would happen. But now, we get to see what happens in complete slow motion. 

Oh, and you might wanna turn down the volume during the explosion because it’s gonna be one loud pop. Read more…

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Giant, record-breaking Super Soaker can cut through glass


Your favorite childhood summertime toy just got the biggest upgrade. Actually, the world’s biggest upgrade.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober unveiled his latest mega-invention, the world’s largest Super Soaker, just in time for those summer backyard hangouts. This kind of thing isn’t new to Rober. He also helped create the world’s largest NERF gun last year and the nicest car horn earlier this year. 

Rober constructed the giant creation with friend, Bob Clagett, with the end result stretching across at seven feet long. The Super Soaker has all the inner workings of a typical Soaker but with “fancier” parts, as he puts it.  Read more…

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