People lined up at midnight and took out extra cash for the first day of legal weed in Nevada


July 1 was a big day in Nevada. 

At midnight, dispensaries could legally start selling marijuana for recreational use. Nevada voters chose to legalize recreational marijuana back in November, and that decision went into effect on Saturday. 

People over 21 years old can buy weed with ID at the state’s dispensaries. Buying from anyone not licensed by the state and smoking weed in public are still illegal. 

Legal weed in Nevada means legal weed in Las Vegas, and many of the Nevada residents most excited for midnight to hit lined up in Vegas last night. 

Many people lined up overnight as Las Vegas began selling legal pot for recreational use for the first time. https://t.co/T1wmvf1fvh pic.twitter.com/BnugOk41P1

— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) July 1, 2017 Read more…

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Watch the ‘Broad City’ women celebrate 420 with a truly magical smoke sesh


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🎶 

And don’t Broad City characters Abbi and Ilana know it. The known weed fiends and best friends forever eased fan’s between-season withdrawals on Thursday. The show’s IRL creators and stars, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, released a special “Hack into Broad City” Facebook video to mark stoners’ favourite date.

And things got pretty magical. Ilana replaced her diffuser’s essential oils with vape oil and the pair pretend to vape and pass, via Skype, as is their beloved tradition.

Except this time, it actually works! Either that, or they’re so high, they hallucinated a second pipe into existence. Read more…

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Let’s Blaze: How stoners found a dope livestreaming home


On a sleepy street in suburban Pasadena, California, 19-year-old Monika Beuzet is inside her friend’s apartment. A reggae track by Snoop Lion plays as she sits at a desk with her black iPad.

Looking at the screen, her squinted eyes are glazed over, a pinkish hue washes over them. She’s giggling a steady stream of laughter that’s as vibrant as the cotton candy pinks and blues in her hair. Monika’s stoned.

And as her online alter ego GreenWizard, she’s broadcasting it live for the world to see on an app called Toke With — a platform that not only allows this sort of thing but, kind of incredibly, encourages it.  Read more…

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