This 18-year-old cartoonist promotes positivity through a genderless, pink bean


Harry Hambley from Cardiff is only 18, but he’s something of an Instagram sensation.

In June 2016, Hambley put up his first cartoon on Instagram.

U found me 🐉 #no1

A post shared by Ketnipz (@ketnipz) on Jun 7, 2016 at 12:38pm PDT

Hambley is the artist behind the webcomic Ketnipz. It’s an odd name for a comic, and purposefully devoid of meaning.

“The name doesn’t really mean much, except that it sounds fun and that it’s a lot different from typical titles,” Hambley told Mashable. “It’s purposely ambiguous, so that it doesn’t get associated with anything in particular — meaning I can keep using it when I decide to explore different creative fields or ideas.” Read more…

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