Would You Want a Van Gogh Art With Your Latte?

latte art van gogh_kangbin lee

Latte art is such a guilty pleasure for many. From simple floral designs to streetwear-inspired ones, we love seeing it and taking a photo of it before drinking. Meanwhile, Korean artist Kangbi Lee took it to another level by creating latte art that looks like liquid paintings.

The barista-slash-artist calls his creations “Cremart.” Kangbin’s art uses bright colors for his renditions of Van Gogh’s “Starry Starry Night” and Beauty and the Beast, to name a few. “I wanted to find amazing and delicate new flavor of coffee,” he wrote on Bored Panda.

According to Grub Street, some of his works aren’t just made with coffee and frothed milk in a cup. Some are made inside the espresso machine’s portafilter. We’re not sure if you can drink it, but it looks pretty.

Kangbin also makes 3-D latte art using popcorn to make cherry blossoms and a dollop of froth for a penguin.

What we want to know is which café he works at so we could try his colorful latte art the next time we jet off to Korea.

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